ERP Software company in coimbatoreChitsmart

GSS has 20 years of experience in ERP domain through its most successful various ERP Software packages, which is being used by more than 100 + companies of Across India .

Advantages Of Chitsmart :

  • Generic Chit Simplified Auction Work.
  • Intimation message have Bidding Details, Auction Month Details, Prized Customer Details, Auction date and time, Auction Dividend amount, Next month Auction Date, Subscriber arrears amount, Current Month Payable amount and etc.
  • Customer,Group,TicketNumber,Collector,Introducer,Branch Wise Outstanding Statement.
  • Customer Statement with in Photo & Id Proof.
  • Customer Statement with in Photo & Id Proof.
  • GroupWise Chit Ledger.
  • GroupWise Balance Sheet.
  • GroupWiswe Trial Balance.
  • Admin Privilage.
ERP Software company in coimbatoreSpecialities Of Chitsmart

   Web Based Application

Chitsmart ERP is highly secure and offers complete control on the application and its data. Read more...

   Client Server Application

CHITSMART is provided with intuitive on-line help so that at the press of a key, required help can be obtained which makes the work very user friendly. Read more...

   Add on Tools

With a couple of clicks, complete information about any subscriber including Due Status, Self Chits information, Agent and Guarantors’ details etc. can be obtained in no time.Read more...

   Mobile Modules

Technology innovations have made us stronger, faster and smarter. It also changed the way how we look at the things. As Now-a-days Mobile Apps became a part of everyone’s life,. Read more...