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The SMS API module gives implementers an occasion driven SMS structure. The SMS module Alone is insufficient to send SMS messages; a going hand in hand with audience should likewise be incorporated or executed.

The SMS Module provides four methods:

CHITSMART: Collection Terminal

Chitsmart Collection Terminal has been exclusively designed for Chit fund collection activities. It has dot-matrix printer unlike other terminals, which carry thermal printing. Collections will be easier with this. We can transfer outstanding list from Chitsmart for respective executive by connecting it to computer.

Enter the password to login to menu. Click on Enter receipt and enter the required group and ticket no., it will show the outstanding and we can enter the receipt mode like cash or cheque and enter amount. Click on save and it gets printed.

At the day end, collection terminal can be connected back to Chitsmart computer and transfer receipts to Chitsmart. It saves time and no data entry is required at office. It improves accuracy of data and process becomes easier for collection executives.