Employee focus is not a myth at GSS. We believe that each employee has intrinsic worth and deserve our greatest respect and support. We foster a culture that is true to our core values, and intended to promote employee satisfaction.
We believe that satisfied employees will be committed to customer satisfaction as well, which will, in turn, drive our business success.

Our Core Values:

Honesty and Integrity - Always doing the right thing, and treating all with honesty and openness.
Respect - Honoring the worth of each individual, both in and out of the company.
Fairness – Ensuring that fairness is at the basis of our actions and our relationships.
Trust – Having full confidence in employees’ abilities and commitment to the company.
Candor – Being direct and positive in communication with others. Collaboration – Encouraging teamwork.
Empowerment – Enabling employees to make decisions, take initiative, & act.
Ownership – Taking responsibility for making GSS a great company.
Customer Satisfaction – Always putting the customer (both internal and external) point of view as priority number one.

Our Work Environment Includes:

Communication that is open and regular among all parties.
Diversity that is valued and embraced.
Opinions that count.
Recognition for contributions.
Managers Who Care about everyone’s success. Balance between work and personal life.
Regular Opportunities to learn and grow.
Materials and Equipment to do the job right.
Ability and Authority to satisfy customers.
Innovation and Creativity supported at all levels. Quality and Continuous Improvement emphasized in all we do.
Our over-riding goal is to build a company known for a strong blend of employee focus and customer service orientation, accompanied by operational excellence.
This is a company that will lead and last, one that we all can be proud of.

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