Basically, Why is a software needed for a Construction company ?
Well, the reason seems obvious ! As far as any industry is concerned as similar as a construction company, the data flow with respect to Finance, Man power, Material, Schedule and very other aspect, is always not going to be small-scale.

But an another question arises for a builder…
“where do I get to manage every aspect of my construction business without data leakage effectively ? ”
That’s in where a Software implementation as EazyCIMS comes in without a doubt, covering various modules and in-hand customization facilities.

EazyCIMS is a totally integrated and customized multi-user multi-location ERP system branded from Global Software Solutions, for meeting the information needs of any organization engaged in the business of construction. It has 11 modules, including core module focusing on Remote Site Project Planning & Execution. A growing number of clients have adopted it, and have vouched for its capabilities.
EazyCIMS is a comprehensive, integrated and integrative, modularized, customizable, and user-friendly Construction Information Management System, ideal for organizations engaged in construction projects and businesses. Owing to its highly customizable feature, EazyCIMS can be configured suitably and implemented quickly thus, reducing the cost of license/using it and also the time to gain the benefits in terms of productivity and profitability.
Global Software Solutions also has an arm of management training for construction & real estate business. The training arm of company helps construction business in making successful transition to become a corporate in addition to making available trained manpower for its products.
EazyCIMS has integrated modules starting from land acquisition | redevelopment projects & its statutory legal requirements & compliances | All the operational management with respect to Engineering | Designing | Estimation | Planning | Quality Control | Tendering | Client billing | Project management | Labour Contracting | Procurement | Site management | Asset management | Marketing, Sales | Customer care | Human Resources Management | Lease & Mall Management | Property Management to Financial accounting where all these modules share One common database platform.
EazyCIMS has interface to mobile networks and can send alerts, reminders and warning messages using SMS in addition to sending payment alert SMS to clients. EazyCIMS can directly read CAD drawings and convert them to estimate. Enriched with features like Budgets, Audit Trails, customizable Work Flow, configurable alerts and built-in Quality Management & Knowledge Banking, EazyCIMS assist business achieve their targeted goals.
The Software possess a generalized Accounts & Finance Management Software useful for any Industry and can work in integral fashion with departments of the enterprise like Sales & Marketing, Projects & Planning, Purchase, Contracts, Human Resource, Quality Control, etc. This software is capable to handle large number of concurrent users and huge volume of data.

  • Define project, WBS
  • Defining Rate analysis
  • Estimation (directly converting CAD drawings)
  • Re-estimate & maintain versions
  • Project scheduling (using PERT / CPM) & planning
  • Project costing & budgeting
  • Computation of activity-wise and material-wise variance for quantity & Cost
  • Incorporation of quality checks using quality check lists at task level

General Advantages Of Opting EazyCIMS :

  • Centralized document management & monitoring
  • Accurate estimates
  • Better change management & control management
  • Accurate project planning, execution & monitoring
  • Better & timely management directions; Real time available of data
  • Timely alerts & escalations for any abnormal behavior ; avoid postmortem
  • Timely project completions with quality control

The marketing and sales management is one of the primary requirements of any builders, promoters and real estate developers. Since the owners and the management are able to keep track of a customer right from the enquiry stage, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) gives them a clear picture about their revenue pattern.

The Processes Involved in Financial Accounts are:

  • Standard double entry book-keeping
  • Integrated to all other modules
  • Automatic TDS, Service Tax Calculation
  • Deduction & e-TDS submission
  • Generation of required forms
  • Drill down features for browsing Balance Sheet, P&L, Ledgers
  • Built in budget monitoring system
  • Project wise Balance Sheet and P&L
  • Multi company balance sheet and P&L
  • Cash flow reports
  • Monthly locking of financial year
  • Built in Audit features & Audit trails
  • Compliance with schedule VI, IFRS and US GAAP

Advantages Of Financial Accounting in EazyCIMS :

  • Integrated accounts eliminates possibility of errors; no duplication of data entry
  • Better transparency among all the departments
  • Better utilization of manpower
  • Better corporate Image - computerized statements
  • Accurate cash flow requirements
  • Better fund management
  • Improved liaison with bankers, auditors, financiers, business partners

One of the key modules among contractors who participate in tender (both Government & Private) and also issues tender. The module captures all the required information of a tender enquiry. Facility to enter the client’s BOQ and accordingly map with the inbuilt tasks provides the engineering and tendering department a greater transparency during the execution of the work and better control w.r.t the estimations provided in the tender.

The Processes Involved in Tender Management are:

  • Supports inward & outward tenders
  • Capture tender details; facility to alert users regarding tender submissions
  • Version tacking & bid application
  • Links Engineering & contract management
  • Complies to related Indian taxation rules viz. ST, VAT & WCT

Advantages Of Tender Management Module :

  • Visualize tender estimation v/s actual; real time data availability
  • Take timely corrective actions; avoid delays which impacts profitability
  • History data availability; better equipped for tender submission

One of the key modules among contractors for billing their customers is either based on work completion or periodic billing.

The Processes Involved in Client Billing are :

  • Facility to generate Performa invoices
  • Complies to related Indian taxation rules viz. ST, VAT & WCT
  • Ease to track estimated v/s actual expenses incurred v/s billed
  • Billing can be liked to work completion progress or monthly fixed billing

Advantages Of Client Billing in EazyCIMS : :

  • Centralized data availability; ease to track the progress of contractual jobs w.r.t cost, time frame & costs
  • Provides alerts for any abnormalities; thus avoiding the profitability erosion

The Processes Involved in HR & Admin Expenses Management are:

  • Maintains data of all the employees
  • Recruitment, appraisals & training
  • Handles all allowances & deductions
  • Generation of pay slips; link to automatic attendance system, biometric readers etc.
  • TDS calculation & generation of forms; PF, ESI
  • Letter generation to Bank, Candidates, Employees etc.
  • Administrative expenses booking; cost centre wise

The HR & Admin module plays a pivotal role in the organization since the management is able to capture the actual overhead costs and administration expenses incurred in a project. A complete HR suite comprising of capturing employee details, their earnings & deductions and monthly payroll setups, the module goes further to capture the other aspects related to employees viz. recruitment, retention, training and appraisals. The Admin expenses provide the detailed view of the cost center wise expenses incurred.

The Advantages HR & Admin Expenses Module are:

  • Empowering employees; identifying future leaders in the organization
  • Improved assignment of roles & responsibilities; employee retention
  • Improved establishment of accountability
  • Assists identification of training needs; continuous employee growth

As the name states, the module manages all the assets of the organization; be it related to projects or not. The key feature is for those assets that are used in projects, the organization can track the assets and tabulate the exact value of the asset. A very useful module for the contractors who have many types of equipments at various sites, this module helps them track the availability & accordingly plan their movement.

The Processes Involved in Asset Management are:

  • Equipment tracking & availability; avoid unwanted hiring of equipments
  • Better utilization of equipments; avoid idle conditions

Another key module that builders, developers, real estate developers require is to capture and store all the legal information related to land or for a society redevelopment project or Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) project, capture and store all the legal plus details of the existing tenants. The main ingredients of this module are that it lets the legal department capture the legality details required in order to get the no objection from the governmental authorities and also lets them create the checklists and the milestones to be completed. It also facilitates the legal department to fix appointments with personnel (be it government servant or court or any other party) & system provides timely follow up reminders.

The Processes Involved in Land & Legal Management are:

  • Maintain land, society redevelopment project details
  • Manage checklists and milestones
  • Set alerts for reminders
  • Capture notices sent by government authorities

Advantages Of Asset Management in EazyCIMS :

  • Centralized document management; scan & retrieve
  • Timely reminders; helps legal department in preparation